Why Every Smart Business Should be Repurposing Content

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Are you being savvy with your marketing dollars by repurposing content? We don’t all have budgets as “comfy” as Disney or Marvel, so we need to be smart with how we spend our money.

That’s why I’m such a huge fan of this marketing strategy where you are repurposing content into multiple formats and for multiple types of learners. Let me explain why this strategy is easy to execute, sustainable long-term, and ultimately profitable.

What is repurposing content?

Repurposing content is how you can turn one piece of really juicy content (like a blog article or Facebook Live) into 5, 10, 20, or even 30+ additional touch points with your current and potential customers. You’re not creating these 20 pieces of content from scratch, you are parsing pieces from your core piece of content into different formats and styles.

Why does this work? As consumers we all consume information in different ways:

  • Visual: need to see information (graphics, reading)
  • Auditory: need to hear (videos, audio files)
  • Kinesthetic: need to touch or move (exercises, writing)

You will start to see your business leads increase when you can reach more people in their preferred way of learning. For example, if you only produce videos in your business, you will lose anyone who learns best by reading or viewing graphics.

How to start repurposing content

Repurposing content doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s great for any size business because it is 100% customizable and 100% scalable.

To get started create one really good piece of content, I usually say that blog articles or videos/podcasts are a great first piece. Publish that piece then pick a couple of the following to do next:

  • Write and preschedule 10 social media posts: Preschedule these using a social media scheduling tool so they go live several weeks apart (up to a year or longer). Link each one back to your core content piece.
  • Record a video: Record and post a video talking about the content in your core content piece. This can be prerecorded or done as a Facebook Live.
  • Design a slide deck: Summarize the key points in a brief slide deck.
  • Create 4 Instagram images: Use pull quotes, facts, tips, or stats from your core content piece and use them for Instagram posts (don’t forget a good set of hashtags)
  • Publish a PDF download: Turn your core content into a freebie or value-added resource for your community.
    Add a blurb to your newsletter: Add a short teaser blurb and link to the full content piece on your website.
  • Produce a Worksheet: If your content makes sense, turn it into a downloadable worksheet for those kinesthetic learners.
  • Build an infographic or visual diagram: If your content contains lots of stats or visual information you can create a simple infographic and share it on your social media or your website. This will often require a little graphical expertise so if someone on your team has these skills use them

How to make repurposing content sustainable

To make repurposing your content easy to stick with long term, and not something you do for a while, then get too busy to continue, create processes and templates.

Processes can include the types of content each core piece will be repurposed into. For example, you may turn each blog post into 6 social media posts, a blurb in your newsletter, a podcast episode, and 2 Instagram graphics. Have a list of what you will create and when they will be created (a newsletter blurb in your next issue, a podcast for 1 week later, 2 Instagram quote graphics 3 weeks later, and 6-10 social media posts sprinkled over the next 1-6 months).

Then, have templates for graphics and content. Use a program like Canva or Photoshop and set-up templates so you only need to swap out the text and a graphic each time. For written content, have a basic structure for how you write (for example you want an intro, 3 key points, and a summary and call-to-action.

content strategy step 2 templates

How to make repurposing content profitable

This strategy, while easy to execute, does take time. It’s all part of promoting your knowledge and your brand to the world. The more often you can be in their face (in the best, non-spammy way of course), the closer they become to being a paying customer or client.

Include repurposed content throughout your content marketing plan and your marketing funnels so you’re giving your audience what they need, when they need it.

What’s next?

I’d want to promote your content for you! My team and I can take your blog articles, your videos, or your podcasts, and turn them into as many additional pieces of content, in as many different formats, as you need. This allows you to focus on creating out of this world amazing core pieces of content. We’ll take your expertise, and get it in front of more people!

Pricing for repurposing packages start at $200 per month and all quotes are custom because no two businesses are alike. Send me a note and let’s talk about working together to help you reach more people with your brand, with less effort!

About the Author:

I'm WriterGal of WriterGal Marketing Services and I help small-medium sized businesses execute writing and online marketing projects so they can focus on other ways of growing their business. I'm also the mother of 2 munchkins and 1 Jack Russell Terrier, love baking and cooking, and enjoy travelling the world (when I have time) with my family. I'm also passionate about organization and time management (a must for busy moms and business owners). I enjoy sharing my business and organization tips and processes with others.