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Need a Second Pair of Eyes?
Hire a small business editor!

Avoid embarrassing mistakes with professional blog, web, or marketing material editing

Second Pair of Eyes: Small Business Copyediting Services

You are the BEST at what you do! I’m here to be your second pair of eyes on your content, your small business editor to help catch any embarrassing mistakes before you publish!

What will polished content do for your business? Well, you’ll look more professional, attract higher calibre customers, increase your revenue…and you barely have to lift a finger! Simply send me your drafted content and I’ll review your content for errors, omissions, and any embarrassing mistakes!

A second pair of eyes brings new perspectives!

Did you know spelling and grammar errors can cost you your next sale?

Pay for what you need!

Choose a per word or hourly rate for your editing needs. Retainers and package bundles available upon request.

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