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Need a Vancouver copywriter?

WriterGal will help you attract your ideal customers and clients, through your content marketing.

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Hi! I’m WriterGal

YOU are an expert in your niche…but does the world know it? As a Vancouver copywriter, my job is to help you show the world that YOU are that expert so you have clients and customers coming to YOU for a change!

I’m Ashley “WriterGal” Doan, a Vancouver copywriter and public speaker with a mission to show you how to make online and content marketing easy, sustainable, and profitable. I do this through ghostwriting (aka done-for-you copywriting) and workshops/trainings for the DIY entrepreneur.

Clients around North America come to me and my team for blogs, SEO-optimized web content, social media, and newsletters (to name a few of my many skills).

Learn more about my EDITING and BLOG WRITING services or contact me about how I can help you show the world that you are the expert to know, like, and trust!

How I help growing businessess

Blogging Support
Blogging Support
Blogs are one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to show people you know your stuff! Is your blog performing at its best?

Up-level your blog with professional writing and editing support

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Copyediting & Proofreading
Copyediting & Proofreading
We all make mistakes! Spelling and grammar errors can be embarrassing and could cost you your next sale!

Get a second pair of eyes on your writing today:

Get Editing
Social Media Management
Social Media Management
Regular activity on your social accounts adds to your credibility but you don’t have time to do to all yourself.

Get pre-written and scheduled social media posts done for you:

(Contact for custom pricing)

SEO- Optimized Web Content
SEO- Optimized Web Content
Even the best designed and written websites will fail if your target clients can’t find you on Google!

Get your website written and optimized for the right keywords:

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WriterGal: A Vancouver Public Speaker

Inspiring through humour and authenticity

As a Vancouver public speaker, I show businesses how to make content marketing easy, sustainable, and profitable. I inspire audiences to action using humour and real-life scenarios! I can also speak on topics about being a mom and entrepreneur and balancing both.

I offer private and group workshops and programs to help entrepreneurs learn how to do their own content marketing. Book me for workshops, seminars, presentations, and keynotes today:

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When you outsource marketing to WriterGal, you free-up time to focus on other ways of growing your business.

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Book a Full- or half-day LIVE Content Workshops!

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