How to grow your small business with a freelance ghostwriter

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A freelance ghostwriter (aka: a copywriter you hire to pretend to be you and write content for your business) is a great way to free up some of your plate while growing your business at the same time! You are an expert in your industry, but not necessarily in writing for business so why not outsource that writing to a freelance ghostwriter?

Here are 5 things you could outsource to a freelance ghostwriter:

Blog Writing/Posting: Blog posting (usually 1-2 every couple weeks) is a great way to develop a relationship with your audience, increase your credibility, and drive customers to your business. By keeping most blog posts short (usually 300-400 words) you provide your customers insights into your business, or provide resources they might enjoy. A freelance ghostwriter for your small business can help you brainstorm topics, write content, and even create graphics for it!

Social Media Management: Your customers turn to social media to research or learn more about a business. Make sure you’re reaching prospective (and current) customers by working with a freelance ghostwriter with social media skills who can advise the best social outlets to focus on and help craft posts and content to promote in your social accounts. Additionally it’s important to engage with your customers via social media and a social media consultant can help you with this (or help advice how you can best interact yourself).

SEO and Website Content Writing: Even if your business is the bee’s knees, you won’t succeed if people can’t find you online. A freelance SEO consultant can help research keywords and phrases to use throughout your site to help attract people from google and social media sites, to your website.

Content Marketing: Having content to promote on social media helps to establish your business as a trusted partner. When customer trust you they are more likely to visit your business or buy from you. Depending on your business type you could benefit from infographics, tid-bit facts, whitepapers, diagrams, blog posts, or newsletters (to name a few). A freelance ghostwriter can help determine the best content to curate or create for your business and develop a plan to promote these pieces (with the goal of attracting customers, or increasing your brand recognition)

Newsletter Marketing: If you already have a mailing list or a descent following on social media, your clients may benefit from a newsletter. Frequency depends on your business but one every week or every month could yield a positive ROI and keep your business front-of-mind for customers. Your newsletter could include company news and announcements, promote any original content you’ve created, or even curate content from 3rd party sources that help support your brand message.

If you find a potential ghostwriter to help with your online marketing tasks, here are a few things you should discuss:

  • Freelancers Skill Set: What can they do? Ask for samples of the work they do to see they’re style (keep in mind a good freelancer can adapt to your company voice and style so if you don’t see a sample that is EXACTLY related to your business, don’t fret).
  • Your budget: You can discuss an hourly or project rate. Your best bet is to propose your weekly or monthly budget for online marketing. A good freelancer will advice what is possible within those guidelines and prioritize the best activities that will work for your goals.
  • Reporting and Analytics: It’s always good to keep an eye on how your content and company is performing online. IF you have the budget, schedule a monthly social and online marketing report from your freelancer to get an idea of where you are improving, and where you need to adjust your marketing strategy.

By outsourcing online marketing to a ghostwriting freelancer you can save money and time so you can grow your business. If you find the right Jane-of-all-Trades and you can trust them to take over all kinds of online marketing tasks for your business.

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About the Author:

I'm WriterGal of WriterGal Marketing Services and I help small-medium sized businesses execute writing and online marketing projects so they can focus on other ways of growing their business. I'm also the mother of 2 munchkins and 1 Jack Russell Terrier, love baking and cooking, and enjoy travelling the world (when I have time) with my family. I'm also passionate about organization and time management (a must for busy moms and business owners). I enjoy sharing my business and organization tips and processes with others.