How to Create a Content Marketing Plan (that kicks ass)!

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If you want to knock your content marketing plan over the fence, across the water, and past the mountains, you need 3 simple things:

1. Good knowledge of where your customers/clients are

The success of your marketing plan depends on presenting content to your target customer when and where they need it. For example. If your business targets senior citizens, chances are they’re not surfing YouTube and your video content won’t be seen by them.

You need to know which formats to use and which outlets to spend your budget and time in so you get the highest ROI. There may be a little trial and error as you test out different channels, and that’s expected, so plan for that

Another consideration is whether you are a B2B or B2C business. Many B2B businesses find they don’t get much engagement on a platform like Facebook, where most of the users are on for personal pursuits (checking photos, chatting with friends…etc). However, B2Bs often find more conversations by using a more business-focused platform like LinkedIn.

2. A clear plan (and a little creativity)

I’ve said it before…have a plan. Write out your content marketing plan so you and your team know what content needs to be created, what platforms you’re focusing on, what everyone’s role is, and how you’ll measure success.

Part of knowing whether you’ve succeeded in your content marketing goals is to set-up analytics. I like Google Analytics, because you can embed tracking code in your links to capture where a person comes from (their referral source), what they do on your site, and whether they ultimately click that ‘Buy” or “Contact” button to become your customer.

3. A defined resource structure for your content marketing plan

I won’t lie… a successful content marketing plan will take some work and you need to surround yourself with a team of people to help make it happen. This team doesn’t not have to be internal or on-staff employees. They can be a mix of your existing staff (make sure they agree to help and you amend their contract or employment agreement accordingly) and external contractors.

Outsourcing parts of your content marketing plan execution is often ideal. You don’t need to worry about providing a computer, a desk, or benefits. Just pay the agreed upon consulting fees and, if you find a trustworthy contractor, you can just sit and wait for content to be delivered to your inbox (or uploaded directly to your website).

If you’ve never worked with a marketing freelancer or contractor and want to know the 4-1-1 on getting started, read my article on LinkedIn: How to grow your small business with freelance help.

Your content marketing plan can be as simple or as complex are you want. However you decide to do one, make sure you write it down so you stay accountable. Get hep to help you execute your plan too…

If you’re looking to outsource parts of your content marketing plan, WriterGal is your gal! Send me a note about your project and I’ll see how I can help!!

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I'm WriterGal of WriterGal Marketing Services and I help small-medium sized businesses execute writing and online marketing projects so they can focus on other ways of growing their business. I'm also the mother of 2 munchkins and 1 Jack Russell Terrier, love baking and cooking, and enjoy travelling the world (when I have time) with my family. I'm also passionate about organization and time management (a must for busy moms and business owners). I enjoy sharing my business and organization tips and processes with others.