Why is Authenticity important in your business content?

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When you are out there interacting with the world on behalf of your business, are you being you or are you playing a role?

You may not have known this about me, but I did some school-level acting growing up. I was in a bunch of school plays and performances, including an adapted Shakespeare play in High School. I know a thing or two about how to get into character to improvise and play a role.

My Inauthenticity Story

But…I once found myself doing this is real life. When I started my business I dressed up to attend networking meetings, I kept my “personal” opinions and life out of it, and I basically pretended I was a woman with her shit together and who had a busy, growing business. This was not 100% true.

I thought in order for people to respect me (after being out of the working world for almost 2 years after my kids were born), I had to look like a professional, confident business women and leave my family and life out of it. It was rough, because I found myself making up stories and opinions that were not mine.

When you improve on stage, you sometimes have to memorize lines and watch what you say so you don’t contradict yourself or tell different people, different stories that don’t align. That takes a LOT of brain power!

The one day at a networking lunch, I accidently let it slip about a birthday cake I baked for my son’s birthday the previous week. Interestingly, I noticed people were very intrigued. We started talking more about who we really were outside of our business and something I didn’t expect happened!

It was easier. I didn’t have to make sure my stories aligned. I didn’t have to memories lines. I didn’t have to pretend and play the always-confident-woman role.
I started to form true relationships from the people I was networking with. Over time, some of these relationships turned into clients or they were referring my services to others because they knew and trusted me on a different, more authentic level.

Authentic Marketing Summit™

So…what does this mean for Marketing? When you’re being yourself in your marketing, you’re more likely to form these true relationships and form more meaningful connections. One of the networking connections I made with Caitey Gilchrist of Caitey Gilchrist Creative. We’ve got to know each other really well over the past 2 years, and she recently invited me to speak at her online summit about authenticity in content marketing.

This week in her Authentic Marketing Summit™ she has brought together marketing experts & influencers who reveal their most powerful strategies for promoting & growing your business with authenticity in 2020! I am leading a training during the summit about how to “Become an Expert in Your Niche with Authentic Blogging” on January 25 at 4pm Pacific.

I’d love to give you a free ticket for the whole event!

There are over 17 different speakers and topics all sharing how you can use authenticity in different areas of your business. In my presentation, I share some actionable tips about using authenticity in your business blog.

It’s going to be a great event, please check it out (and you’ll get some amazing free gifts from all the speakers too)!

About the Author:

I'm WriterGal of WriterGal Marketing Services and I help small-medium sized businesses execute writing and online marketing projects so they can focus on other ways of growing their business. I'm also the mother of 2 munchkins and 1 Jack Russell Terrier, love baking and cooking, and enjoy travelling the world (when I have time) with my family. I'm also passionate about organization and time management (a must for busy moms and business owners). I enjoy sharing my business and organization tips and processes with others.