Why Blogging is Like Brewing Coffee!

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Those who know me know I LOVE coffee. I live on coffee. I have 2 toddlers, a business, a husband, and want to have some me-time once and a while too! In order to stay awake and get everything done…I drink coffee!

So today I thought it would be fun to compare blogging to coffee because…well, why not!

There are 5 stages of drinking coffee and 5 steps for blogging for business:

  1. Picking beans  vs.  Brainstorming topics
  2. Getting creamer/Suger  vs.   Outlining your article
  3. Brewing coffee  vs.  Writing your article
  4. Drinking coffee  vs  Publishing your article
  5. Sharing Selfies  vs.  Promoting your content

This is gonna be fun. Keep reading to see how blogging is like brewing a cup of coffee…

Picking beans  vs.  Brainstorming topics

COFFEE: I love shopping for new coffee beans to try. There are so many options on the shelf in front of me and I nearly drool looking at them all. The hardest part is picking the right bean and bag size. But once I do, I KNOW it’s gonna be amazing!!

BLOGGING: Entrepreneurs often break a sweat when I ask them what they’re going to write about in their blog. They have so many ideas in their head, but when it comes to deciding which ideas to write about…they freeze!

You just need the tools to discover how to pick the right “beans” before you write a blog post. Once you have a big brainstorm list of options (ie: the aisle of coffee beans at the grocery store), you just need to pick one, take to it the checkout, and take it home!

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Getting creamer/sugar  vs.  Outlining your article

COFFEE: Unless you drink your coffee black (ewww), you’ll want to ensure you have your sugar and cream or milk before you make your coffee. There is NOTHING worse than brewing a big pot of coffee, only to discover you ran out of cream! It’s best to make sure you have everything planned and ready to go before you actually brew your coffee.

BLOGGING: Even skilled writers like me get writers’ block. Those first few words are the hardest to do. However, if you’ve already created some notes or a rough outline of what you plan to write, before you actually sit down to write the piece. I use a blog outline template for all my posts (I did it for this one too) and it helps me get down to business faster.

Make sure you’re ready to write before you actually start writing. If you start writing without notes or an outline (aka your cream or sugar), then your article is going to come out more raw (aka black coffee) and less structured.

Brewing coffee  vs.  Writing your article

COFFEE: No matter what method you use to brew your coffee (drip, pour-over, brewed…etc) , the smell of freshly brewing coffee is amazing! There are many ways to get to that end result and you can pick one based on the brewing equipment you have and your taste preferences.

BLOGGING: Writing your post shouldn’t take too long once you have it outlined in advance. Everyone has their own ways of writing. Some like to do what I call a puke draft (same as stream-of-consciousness writing…but it sounds funnier). Others work best with that structure in place before they put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

When you’re writing your article (brewing your coffee) that’s when the magic happens! It doesn’t matter what process you use or how long you take, you still get an amazing end result.

Drinking coffee  vs.  Publishing your article

COFFEE: This is when you enjoy the fruits (did you know coffee beans are actually from a fruit?) of your labour. You can now sit and enjoy that cup of freshly brewed goodness. Ah…life is good!

BLOGGING: That feeling when you press “Publish” is like no other. Even seasoned writers and publishers of content like me LOVE when we put our work out there into the world. It’s like all our hard work has paid off!

When publishing your next blog post or content piece, sit back and savour (or sip) the moment before moving on to the next step.

Sharing selfies  vs.  Promoting your article

COFFEE: Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of posting foodie pictures on Facebook or Instagram. I’ve personally been trying to perfect latte art…but sadly my hearts look more like boobs and balls! If you look at my Instagram account, you might see a couple of coffee pics that I’ve shared!

BLOGGING: Now is the time to share your blog. I always say it’s all fine and dandy to write and publish the blog, but if you don’t tell people it’s there, it will collect dust. Be sure to include a plan for how and where you will be promoting your blog content.

Just like when you post a picture of a meal you’re especially proud of making, you need to tell the world about your blog on social media and online. It is the #1 way to drive traffic to your website and start building up your know-like-trust factor.

I’d love to hear how you found out about THIS blog? Write a quick comment below with how you found this blog post! I’d love to know!

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