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Welcome Connect Now Diva’s

I hope you had as much fun at Diva’s Night Out as I did!

I’m WriterGal (aka Ashley Doan), a writer and online marketing consultant with 13 years under my belt. Recently I’ve focused on the writing side (blogs, social media, SEO, web content, email marketing…etc). In addition to my business, I’m also a stay-at-home mom of 2 under 4 and a crazy Jack Russel so my life is busy and my excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills are how I manage to get shit done!

I’m here to help you establish a consistent blogging presence on your business website. Google LOVES regularly-updated content and posting a regular blog goes a LONG way to making Google happy (which is the goal of SEO). I know you’re busy so I take blogging off business owners plates so they can focus on other ways of growing their business.

I know how hard we women work and how much we deserve a break! That’s why I’m offering this Connect Now Diva deal! I know the struggles to run a business so I’d like to take one thing your shoulders today: your BUSINESS BLOG!

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Diva Deal (For Connect Now Diva's ONLY)

$75Per blog post
  • 300-400 words
  • Includes: writing, posting, and 1 stock graphic

Deal Terms

  • Discount applies to NEW WriterGal clients only
  • Deal is valid for your first 2 months worth of blogs (max 4 blogs per month).
  • After 2 months, regular pricing applies (~$100 per blog post, with discounts for longer-term contacts)
  • MUST contact Ashley before June 10 to take advantage of this deal.

Contact me using the form below,
the blue Chat Box in the bottom right of this page,
or email me at ashley@writergal.ca

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Let’s grab a cup of joe or schedule an online or phone chat to talk about where you need help or consistency in your business online marketing activities.