I struggle! So I launched an online moms group

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online moms group - Caffeinated Working Mommy ClubWe all have our challenges and struggles…even me! My struggle is to keep my sanity while I try to raise 2 toddlers and run my growing business.

So…I did something about it! This morning, I launched the online moms group: Caffeinated Working Mom Club on Facebook!

This is a new online moms group and community of mothers like me who are struggling to have a career and raise their kids. I’ve realized recently that it takes a village to raise children and to run a business so Im creating this village!

Each day in the group is a different theme that the group can rally behind! Some days we talk about time saving recipes, others we ask for help or encouragement, and other days we get to express our gratitude to the world!

Creating an online moms group: My passion project

It’s a passion project of mine that I’ve been sitting on for a while. I finally launched it this week because I felt it was time to just put it out there.

This is a huge step outside my comfort zone. What if no one joins? What if people join but don’t participate? What if we just get a group of people bitching and complaining or mom-shaming each other.

All these questions went through my mind and prevented me from launching the community for so long. This past weekend I just realized that it doesn’t have to be perfect to launch! It can be an evolving project that will take shape as it grows!

I bit the bullet. I took a leap. I jumped head first outside of my comfort zone.

I have no idea if it will turn into a huge thing with thousands of members, or fizzle out but at least I know I’m going to give it my all!

Several fellow mothers have been gently nudging me to launch it. Some don’t even really know me but for a few posts in another Facebook group. They need this group as much as me so I’m doing it for all of us.

The Caffeinated Working Mom Club is for every mother who feels pressure (from society or from within) to do more. To be a good mother to her children. And have a career or business that they enjoy going to every day!

This group is for women who refused to be “just” a mom. It’s also for those who need the support of a tribe to raise kids and have a career.

If you are a fellow working mommy, please check out our new group and submit a request to join!

After all it takes a tribe to raise a village…and have a career too!

Join the club

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