About this Mommy Blog

Hi!  I’m Ashley Doan. I was once called “Writergal” but I have recently evolved into “Writergal Momma.”

Some call me a Jane-of-all-trades. Some call me Super Mom. What I am is a mommy blogger and stay-at-home-mom of 2 rugrats and 1 Jack Russel Terrier. I also hold a part-time job as a marketing associate for a start-up company.

  • I do conference calls while rocking my baby to sleep.
  • I write a company blog post while making dinner.
  • I work on a marketing campaign, while refereeing a spat between the rugrats.

I also love baking, cooking, crafting, and being a couch potato!

This blog shares my adventures as a mom in Vancouver, BC who is trying to do it all.

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