Why I quit the Mommy group!

June 19, 2017

Since becoming a mother I’ve joined several “mommy groups.”  I’ve been to in-person meet ups and joined several local Facebook groups of moms. Now I’ve had to quit most of them because they caused me more grief and stress than my life without them.

First of all, these moms are all whiny crazy bi***es! Half their posts are them complaining about their husbands. One post was so horrific that another mom actually called the cops because of what was said. They complain about everything and everything!  I joined these groups to connect and learn from other moms. Yes, we all need an mommy outlet to vent, and since I joined these groups for parenting advise and not for a b***h-fest, I had to quit the Mommy group.

Secondly, if I have to see another blurry picture of the unknown “rash” on your kids butt, I’m gonna barf!  If you’re seeking medical advice from a group of non-medical professionals please post a pic of the issue so we can actually see what the issue is and compare to our experience (and even then, post a trigger warning so those of us browsing our Facebook feeds during our lunch or snack break don’t have too see your child’s ass on our phones!). Since I joined the mommy group for comradery, not to see unknown, gaping wounds on your child, I had to quit the Mommy group.

And, while on the topic of medical advice…why are you moms asking us if you should take your kid to the emergency room because of [insert potential ailment here]. 99.99% of us are not medical professionals. Everyone tells you to go with your mothering instinct because you know what’s right for you and your child. Listen to it!!

Ok…I’ve bashed the heck out of mommy groups now. The premise of a mommy group is to connect with other moms so you don’t feel alone (which we moms often feel). Maybe there are other groups which are better for connecting and sharing knowledge (and not pics of your kids ass rash). I’m sure there are moms out there who join these mommy groups to vent and complain. However, I’m also sure that many of us are looking to learn and share parenting knowledge.

Whatever your reasons for joining a mommy group I urge you to check the group rules and check real posts before joining to make sure your joining the type of group you’re looking for.


DISCLAIMER: I still believe in the power and amazing comradery of the Mommy Group, and I’m still an active member of many. I try to keep my interactions in these groups as positive as possible because I know how hard parenting is, and a positive attitude can go a long way to happiness!

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