I’m a “Pinterest Mom” and proud of it!

June 20, 2017

The “Pinterest Mom” has a bad rep. They’re the over-achievers who make other moms feel bad that they don’t do more for their kids. Well…I’m a Pinterest mom and proud of it! Here’s why:

  1. I love crafting: I was a very crafty person before kids. Since having kids I can rarely pee on my own or eat a meal in peace, let alone get much time for crafting. So now, on my kid’s birthdays I go all out. Decorations and food are themed, I spend days baking and prepping themed food, and take over 4 hours to bake and decorate their cake. Not only does it give my kids a fantastic party, I get a small taste of what having hobbies was like pre-kids. BRAG MOMENT: Check out the lady bug birthday cake I made using Pinterest for inspiration:

  2. It’s my “me” time: When I’m trying out a new toddler fun recipe, or prepping a kid activity, I often get someone to watch the kids. I get silence, quiet time do so stuff that I love: crafting. Here’s a mug cozy I made with some super awesome mickey mouse fabric:

  3. Making memories: I feel that it’s my job as a mother to do everything I can to make my kid’s lives fun. I have the ability and means to create fun adventures and activities for them so why wouldn’t I give them that?
  4. It can be educational: So many of the activities on Pinterest can be educational. I want to give my kids the best possible baseline I can before they go to kindergarten. If threading cheerios on a string for snack time helps their fine motor skills, then so be it. If the play kitchen I make them teaches them a bit about cooking and food prep, who does that harm.
  5. My family is more organized: Because of Pinterest, I’ve bought out the dollar store stock of baskets and organizers. I’ve put snacks in a special bin, pens and pencils in another. We have a tension rod in the kitchen to hold pot lids in our drawers. I’ve searched “home organization hacks” so many times I’m wearing out those letters on my keyboard.
  6. Our food is never boring: Pinterest has been my go-to for recipes now. I’ve made so many great healthy (and not-so-healthy) recipes for my family.


So there you have it. I do it for me. I do it for them. I’m not ashamed to be a Pinterest Mom. I won’t apologize if the way I raise my kids makes you feel bad. We all know how hard parenting is we do what we feel is right for ourselves and our family.

Just like we shouldn’t judge other parents based on their decision to breast or bottle feed, we shouldn’t judge the ones who want and can be a Pinterest Mom.

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  1. Yes! Thank you for referring me to this and your kind comment over on my blog. It is lovely to read about a fellow Pinterest Mom! It really is my ‘me time’. Plus who doesn’t love cute little boxes to organise every corner of the house?

    1. Totally. I often get “lost” pinning and find hours have gone by. It’s such a great site for creative people like us!

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