How social media helps moms survive the day

September 5, 2017
Social Media for SAHM and Moms

If you’ve ever stayed home all day with a newborn and a 2-year old you know it’s no cake walk (hmmmm, cake sounds good right now). It’s usually a stressful mess of a day including tantrums, screaming, mysterious piles of toddler poop behind the couch, pee stains on the furniture (and on you), food flung every which way (including the ceiling and on your person), milk stains on your shirt, and sticky s**t everywhere!

How do you stay sane from the chaos and fight the loneliness that comes from being a SAHM? My answer is a smart phone and social media!

Your lifeline to the outside world

If you’re anything like me, getting everyone dressed and somewhat presentable to leave the house in the morning is a fight you often don’t want to have unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes staying home is less stressful than going out.

You can stay connected to the world through social media so you don’t feel so isolated. Read other people’s tweets and status updates makes you remember that other people exist, outside of your own family. Look for other SAHMs to follow cause they often post some funny antidotes and stories that you can relate to. Share your own funny stories with others too!

Read fun parenting articles and resources

Bookmark (or follow on social media) some popular mom blogs (like Scary Mommy of course). They often post fun stories and tip articles that will either help you through a baby milestone, or share a story that mirrors something that happened to you.

When your kid need a quick time out (or you need a time out), read a humorous article on your phone and remember that someone else has gone through the same thing as you and you’re not alone. If you find an article of post you like, try to share it on your social profiles for others to read, or comment on the post itself with your perspective or to just say thanks to the author for writing it!

Join online mom communities and groups

There are many online forums, and groups of local (or international) moms that you can join to share stories, ask questions, and get support. Look for some local ones and strike up conversations to support other mommas. We’re all in this journey together and no one should have to do it alone. You can read and participate in these groups from your phone anytime you want!

Blogging to express your creative side

Often as a SAHM we feel like our kids are our entire lives and we don’t get a moment alone for any of our hobbies or any “me time.”  Start a blog to share your stories, tips, or antidotes with the world. It doesn’t have to be fancy, there are many free WordPress templates out there and you can be up and running in no time. You can install a WordPress app on your phone to write posts from anywhere inspiration strikes you (or whenever you get a few mins to yourself, or are stuck on the couch nursing or under a sleeping toddler).

You can also read other mommy blogs and if the article resonates with you comment on it to give the momma some love. They may checkout your blog and comment on it too!

We SAHMs may not get out much and deal with all manner or crap (literally and figuratively) from our kids at home, but it doesn’t have to keep you isolated from the world. It’s often easy to give a quick read on social media while nursing your newborn, sitting on the floor of your toddler’s room waiting for them to fall asleep, or when you actually get 60 seconds alone to pee!

Social media is a great way to remind yourself that you’re not alone. Chances are every other SAHM has the same questions, experienced the same things, and can offer advice or a listening ear when you need it.

What other coping techniques do you use to stay sane and connected to the outside world as a SAHM?

How Social Media helps moms survive the day Why this mom can't live without Social media How social media helps moms and SAHMs fight loneliness

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