6 Tips for getting the most from Amazon Prime as a new mom

August 5, 2017

Before my first mat leave, I was a freelancer who didn’t qualify for EI (for moms not in Canada, when you’re unemployed, you can get a subsidized portion of your last salary from the government for a period of time. Moms use this to take up to a year off with their new baby in Canada.)

My maternity leave was going to be 100% UNPAID! I had to find ways to save money so I turned to couponing (which is more difficult to do in Canada compared to the US) and Amazon Prime to try to cut down on expenses while I wasn’t bringing in an income. It costs about $80 a year but it was SO worth it for my family!

Here are a few reasons (and first-hand tips) why new moms (or any parent for that matter) need Amazon Prime:

[Yes, this post is full of affiliate links. If you purchase or get a free trial of any of my recommended products or services I get a small commission. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and you’ll be supporting my caffeine addiction so thank you in advance]

  1. Save money on Diapers
    Both my kids were in disposable diapers for 6 months each until we switched to cloth. For the Pampers diapers we liked, they ended up being significantly cheaper on Amazon, then at our local baby stores. I was able to order diapers cheaper, and get them delivered to my door. Packing up a baby and going ANYWHERE is hard so getting diapers delivered was one less thing I had to worry about.
  2. Get FAST and free Same-day or 2-day shipping from Amazon
    Mommy brain hit me HARD with both kids. I was often so busy attending to their never-ending needs, that I’d forget that we were almost out of diapers or wipes. I’ve seen many diapers and baby products now available for same day delivery in my city. As long as you order before the cut-off (usually around 11am) you can get it delivered by 8pm that evening!  Just pray for no significant poop blow-outs before then and you’ll probably make it!
  3. Online Grocery Shipping from Amazon Prime
    You should always price compare, but there are some grocery items are good to buy on Amazon Prime too. I buy Torrani syrups for my must-have morning coffees (Salted Caramel is our family favourite). I also buy Tassimo Pods too (sensing a pattern here?).
  4. Try Amazon Basics for affordable electronics…etc
    The Amazon basics line of products are awesome too! We’ve purchased iphone chargers, batteries and other electronics from this amazon generic brand. So far everything has been decent quality and I HIGHLY recommend this line to others looking for a deal.
  5. Don’t wake the baby!
    We all know murphy’s law likes to send the delivery man to bang on our door during naptimes!  Make (or buy) a sign for your door to tell people NOT to knock and to leave packages at the door. Here are some fun “Don’t wake the baby” signs people have made (From Pinterest search)
  6. Save more with Ebates
    Ebates is free and gives you a small percentage cash back for making online purchases on sites like Amazon. Simply register for an free account, then use their links to visit Amazon and you’ll be credited a small percentage (usually 1-8%) on any purchases you make. I used Ebates link to book my vacation hotels through Expedia and I got about $50 back on about 8 nights hotel! Not a bad deal eh?

Amazon Prime isn’t for everyone obviously. For us, we got our money’s worth in the free shipping alone. We could order 1 product on a whim, when we needed it, and not have to wait until we reached the free shipping min spend. Since we have the app on our iphones, I could order diapers while nursing my LO, or order more coffee as I’m pouring my last cup in the kitchen.

I recommend Amazon Prime for its convenience for new moms. Being mother to a newborn is hard enough so anything that can lift the burden is worth it in my opinion!

Amaon Prime Tips for new moms

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