Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik
Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik
Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik

YVR Observation Deck: Thumbs Down for Entertainment Value

August 19th, 2009
Directional signage in the Observation Deck (Photo Credit: danieldoan, Flickr)

Signage in the Observation Deck (Photo Credit: Dan Doan)

The new YVR/Vancouver Airport Observation Deck was not as exciting as I was anticipating. As part of our first trip on the new Canada Line Skytrain, we visited new Observation Lounge that opened in July.

The lounge is in a small loft area and is basically a bunch of tables and chairs, large windows overlooking the not-so-busy domestic terminal tarmac, and a couple displays.

Expectations and Reality

Honestly, I was expecting something a bit more exciting. The scale model of Sea Island was pretty fun to look at with the blinking lights, and was probably the highlight of the lounge.

However, it is quieter to wait for friends and family there, as opposed to the domestic or international arrival levels. I was hoping for more activity in the lounge or on the tarmac to keep me entertained so I was a bit disappointed there.

YVR Observation Deck: Only One Thumb Up

The idea behind the lounge is good, but I think it needs a bit of work. It gets one thumb up for being a great place to chill between flights, or while waiting for family members to arrive. No thumbs up for entertainment value though.

The younger kids seemed to enjoy it more than I did, so at least some people can still enjoy the area. But, other than being a quieter place to chill at the airport, next time I’ll bring my own entertainment (perhaps a book).

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