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Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik
Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik

Mash-up: Most Useful Gmail Labs

August 31st, 2009
Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal, Gmail Mashup

WriterGal Mashup: Gmail Labs

Gmail Labs are plug-ins that you can use in your Gmail account. Here is a mashup of my top 5 Gmail Labs:

1. Navbar Drag & Drop

This plugin allows you to reorganize the widgets in your Gmail sidebars. Just like the plugin name, you just “drag and drop.” It allowed me to put the widgets I most commonly use, near the top of my sidebars, making it faster to access what I need. Very easy to use!

2. Create a document

I haven’t used this one as much as I thought, but I can see how it can be useful. This plugin will create a Google document from an active email message with one click. Great if you want to save important information. Very easy to use!

3. Send & Archive

This plugin allows you automatically archive an email after you send it. You just press the “Send & Archive” button instead of the normal “Send” button. I’ve found this a great way to control the content in my Inbox. Very easy to use!

4. Undo Send

We’ve all regretted pressing the “Send” button at some time or another. This plugin gives you a few seconds to cancel the email if you changed your mind, found a mistake, or forgot to include something in the message (like an attachment). Very easy, extremely handy, to use!

5. Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures

Do you send mail from multiple email addresses? This is not actually a Gmail lab, but a FireFox plugin that works with Gmail. It allows you to have multiple signatures so each email address can have a unique signature. I’ve found this one a bit buggy (I often have to close then re-open my browser window for the signature to appear), but it works more often than not. Easy to use, but a bit buggy sometimes.

Those were my top 5 favourite Gmail Labs and add-ons. What Gmail Labs can you not live without?

Gmail Sidenote: Did you notice that you can now click on the “To” field to bring up your contacts in a “Compose Mail” view? It’s funny to think that this is a new thing because it seems pretty standard.

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