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Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik
Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik

Establishing your Web Presence: Website Budgeting

August 15th, 2009
This is the second of a 3 part series about planning your website

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Websites can be an expensive venture, but there are ways to cut down the costs:

  1. Hire freelancer or small design firm. They’ll probably have less overhead costs. They may also only work on 1 or 2 projects at a time, so they’ll be able to focus on your project more than a larger firm with multiple projects would.
  2. Ask the designer to create an interface for you to edit certain areas of the site yourself, without having to go back to the designer for every update your site needs. While this may have a higher initial cost, you will have control over future content changes.
  3. Get the whole package from one place. Find a company who can help you with not just the design and programming of your site, but also the content. Find a team that includes a content manager or writer to help you craft your content for the online world. If they can help you market your website, even better!

Website costs vary depending on what you want. The larger the site, or the more you want special programming or interactive content, the more expensive it can get.

Basic website design packages begin around $100-300 for a very simple 1-page design. The more pages and content you add, the higher the price goes. A website with about 5 pages could cost around $1000-2000.

Tomorrow we will wrap up this series with a comparison of your print content and your web content…

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