Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik
Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik
Vancouver Blogger, WriterGal Ashley Mikulik

Vancouver Blogger: WriterGal

I am WriterGal, a Vancouver blogger, writer, editor, designer, and Social Media Consultant, who also enjoys traveling, exploring new things, and living up life the best I can!

I’ve been writing professionally for years, but ironically, this is my first blog. I have written blogs for other people, but never for myself! Now, as a Vancouver blogger, I will share my passions and opinions about life and living in Vancouver, BC.

On the WriterGal Blog, you can also learn more about my professional services and my work. Read some of my recent postings are below.

PS: I am always looking for new gigs (especially blogging and social media). If you might have a project  that needs some help, please contact WriterGal.

Recent Writings

17 Day Diet (Cycle 3): Turkey & Havarti Panini

February 12, 2012

In Cycle 3 you can eat breads again. If you’ve been craving a sandwich for the past 34 days, this Turkey and Havarti Panini is just the ticket. It’s gooey, filling, and makes a fantastic lunch!


17 Day Diet (Any cycle): Chicken Parmesan

February 5, 2012

This 17 Day Diet recipe (any cycle) is easy and only needs 2 ingredients: Chicken Parmesan. (Add extra spices or tomato sauce for extra dimension.)


17 Day Diet (Any cycle): Faux Apple Pie

January 30, 2012

This tastes just like apple pie without the calories from the crust. This is an easy dessert to make anytime (but keep in mind on the 17 Day Diet you can only eat fruits before 2pm, so this is a great after-lunch dessert).


17 Day Diet (Any cycle): Lemon Meringue Pie

January 29, 2012

Yes! I said Lemon Meringue Pie. After a week on the diet we were craving a dessert and found this one on a 17 Day Diet Forum. It’s simple, quick and really low in calories! This is my absolute favourite dessert recipe to date!


The 17 Day Diet: Weight loss that’s working!

The 17 Day Diet is the only weight-loss “lifestyle change” that’s worked for us. Learn about the program and get some of the tips and recipes that have motivated us to reach our weight loss and fitness goals!


Tim Hortons Camp Day: June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010

Tim Hortons Camp Day is my 2nd favourite day of the year (next to Christmas, of course). It means for every coffee you buy, you’re donating to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. Every penny from Tim Hortons coffee today will be donated to help less fortunate kids go to camp.
These camps increase children’s self-confidence, self-esteem, [...]

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