Social Media for SAHM and Moms

How social media helps moms survive the day

If you’ve ever stayed home all day with a newborn and a 2-year old you know it’s no cake walk (hmmmm, cake sounds good right now). It’s usually a stressful mess of a day including tantrums, screaming, mysterious piles of toddler poop behind the couch, pee stains on the furniture (and on you), food flung […]

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Instant pot secrets for busy moms thumb

Instant Pot secrets & recipes for busy moms

The Instant Pot saved my family’s life! (well ok, not literally, but it sure has made my life easier and tastier!) I’ve heard the hype and thought it was just that…HYPE. Then one week our rice cooker AND slow cooker both died and I reconsidered. I’m a working mom with 2 kids and we eat […]

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20 Essential hacks for Disneyland with toddlers

I’m a Disney mom who’s been to Disneyland more times than I can count. I’ve been as a child, as an adult with my significant other, while pregnant, and while pregnant with a toddler! Here are my must-have hack and tips for Disneyland with toddlers. Stay at a Disneyland hotel Yes, we’ve all heard this […]

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I’m a “Pinterest Mom” and proud of it!

The “Pinterest Mom” has a bad rep. They’re the over-achievers who make other moms feel bad that they don’t do more for their kids. Well…I’m a Pinterest mom and proud of it! Here’s why: I love crafting: I was a very crafty person before kids. Since having kids I can rarely pee on my own […]

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Am I a good Mother?

I’m a mother of 2 happy, healthy children. Why then do I keep questioning myself? Why do I question whether or not to pee? The human body needs to relieve itself of all your bodily waste products. You can’t avoid it. Why then do I worry about the kids screaming in the living room for […]

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Why I quit the Mommy group!

Since becoming a mother I’ve joined several “mommy groups.”  I’ve been to in-person meet ups and joined several local Facebook groups of moms. Now I’ve had to quit most of them because they caused me more grief and stress than my life without them. First of all, these moms are all whiny crazy bi***es! Half […]

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